Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Beach Fashion Ideas For This Summer!

Love these 1950's beach fashion pictures from Life Magazine! For all you ladies out there that are heading to the beach this Summer, these fashion pieces ideas will give you a head start for your beach adventure!

These outfits are very French riviera. The striped bateau tops paired with these textured shorts with a black belt will take you from the beach to the yacht. So tres chic!

Here we have an assortment of outfits that are very lady like. For those of us that love style and yet feel pretty and modest. The far left model is wearing a bikini bottom with an attached skirt. The second model is sporting a lovely halter romper. The Peter Pan bathing suit is awesome. The strapless square pattern dress looks fun and playful.

Nice halter bathing suit-romper. 

Here we can see better the black and grey stripped sleeveless turtle neck top and shorts. I don't know about wearing turtle neck during the Summer here in Florida. Perhaps during the Spring when it's still a bit cooler. Ladies please don't forget your umbrellas! A striped one with go well with your outfit.

Peter Pan meets The Flinstones!

Elegant black textured halter romper outfit! Sharp cat eye sunglasses.

Another elegant beach outfit. Love this silky black piece strapless romper! The stylish silvery buttons are a nice touch.

Going to the beach is a great time to take a break and kick back and relax!

Sun hats anyone? These assortments of straw hats have that Island, Asian, and French flare to them. They are a must-haves accessory for any beach girl to wear to look fashionable and to keep for damaging one's skin.

Summer Days are here!


Photos Source: Life Magazine.

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