It's a Small World After All!

I have fond memories of my very first trip to Disney... I was about three years old. The streets where all clean and the people where all friendly. There where stuff animals greeting me. We walked in this big beautiful castle where Cinderella lived. The rides where fun and it made me laugh alot. My parents had bought me my very first Mickey ears,  And since then Disney became my dream world!

I am sure that almost everyone that has visited Disney remembers their very first Disney trip. This fantasy world is what kids and adult alike dream of. A world where we could get away from all of our troubles. A world where we can laugh and have a good time. A world where everyone gets along no matter how different you sound or look.

If people just stop and think that we all are alike. We are all human beings sharing this beautiful planet earth. And we all want the same thing. And that is to be happy.

Wouldn't be wonderful if one day we can all live in peace with one another? Now that would be a dream that one day will come true!

In the meanwhile can we all get along? After all it's a small world after all!

A Trip to Memory Lane:  

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