Monday, February 18, 2013

Jazz Time With Dave Brubeck

Don't you just love that sophisticated jazz of the 60's? Whenever I hear Jazz of that time it gets me into a vacation mood. Oooo yes, here I am seating on a chaise lounge while enjoying some coconut water in a mod style Hawaiian resort, hummmm.

For several months on my favorite radio station they have been playing more then usual the music of Dave Brubeck. Last year this fantastic jazz player musician, and composer died in the age of 91 while leaving behind his wife of 70 years and six children, which five are musician like he was.

Here is an audio interview that Dave Brubeck did back several years ago on NPR:

Remembering Jazz Pianist Dave Brubeck

Many perhaps didn't know this famous pianist by name but I am sure that when they hear his music they recognize it right away. Like Take Five for instance was Dave's most recognizable one and it's one of my favorites as well.

Here is Take Five for your Jazz enjoyment pleasure from Dave Brubeck Quartet:

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