Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Monet's Garden / The New York Botanical Garden

Monet, right, in his garden at Giverny in 1922.

Claude Monet's nature paintings are known all over world for its colorful palette and dreamy scenery. And if you love this artist beautiful paintings you are going to love what The New York Botanical Garden has in display.

Yes, for the very first time at the botanical garden you will get a chance not only to see some of Monet's paintings but you will also have the great opportunity to walk through a breathtaking replica of Monet's own garden!

What a wonderful opportunity to bask in nature through the eyes of this renown artist and enjoy the simple and beautiful things of life!

Monet's Garden exhibition started May 19, 2012 and will continue through October 21, 2012 at The New York Botanical Garden.

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