Monday, September 26, 2011

Retro News: The Pan American Show & Merchandise

Come fly with me.
Many folks tuned in to watch the Pan American Pilot show on Sunday. And this is my review of the show: It still can be salvaged before it's too late.

I previously had my reservations about the show. I didn't like some of descriptions I read of how the Stewardess were being portrayed. I felt that this was going to be another show that made women look cheap and indecent (like if there aren't enough shows out there already doing that).

I decided to watch the whole pilot this time and give it a second chance to see if perhaps somebody had exaggerated the plot. I admit that deep down inside I also wanted to watch the show because of the scenes, the 60's fashion, and the thrills of being a flight attendant.

So I had an open mind about the show. I watched it. It flew by. It left. And It disappeared from my radar.

Let's see if I could make myself clearer. The concept of the show was phenomenal. The story was a bit dull. The characters were somewhat real. And the commercial was great!

Do you remember that scene from the Truman Show when Truman's wife Meryl said, "Hi, honey! Look what I got free at the checkout. It's a "Chef's Pal". It's a dicer, grater, peeler, all in one. Never needs sharpening, dishwasher safe!"?

As I sat for a whole hour of the show I felt that I had watched a whole Pan American commercial. At the end of the show I truthfully thought that one of the Stewardess was going to invite us to fly with Pan Am.

Was I disappointed that the pilot episode was a big flop? No of course not. Confused yes. But not disappointed. I have my classic good shows fixes everyday. And they have had a good long run.

I do though want to give a word of advice to the producers of the Pan American show: If you want to make this show a hit you have to make it more realistic, more dramatic, less cheesy, and definitely less commercially.

Would I watch the show again? I really don't know. What I really do know though is that I would love to purchase some of those awesome looking Pan Am bags!

So I researched far and wide to see where we can all purchase one of those cute retro bags. And there it was. Out of all places the Pan Am bags are sold at Pan Am!

A note from our imaginary sponsors: "Now you and three of your friends can arrive in style by having the chance to win an original Pan Am bag! Visit Pan Am website to find out more."

Bon voyage!

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