Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mad Men Barbie Collection!

I know that for all of you die hard fans of Mad Men out there you might be feeling a bit blue or perhaps mad that your show is in it's last season.

"You don't understand this is my favorite show!"

"I know. And I am sure that it would be a big adjustment for you. But everything will be alright. Trust me, you will survive."

"You think so?"

"Sure. Here I have a clean hankie for you."

Yes, for you ladies and gents out there that are going through a Mad Men withdrawal don't put your cocktails and your sheath dresses away just yet. Last year Barbie came up with their own Mad Men Barbie Collection, which are still being sold!

These four piece Mad Men Barbie Collection are sporting each of the characters signature looks.

So if you love the 60's look of Mad Men you are going to enjoy styling these fabulous dolls!

"Thanks, I appreciate it. I am feeling better already."

"You welcome."

"Here, thanks for lending me your handkerchief."

"Oh, that's okay you can keep it."

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