Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Which Type of Traveler are You?

November is here and that means one thing. The traveling season is officially here! Yes, folks all aboard and hold on tight to the most busiest traveling time of the year!

According to this 1949 add by the Pullman Company (developer of one of the most famous sleeping cars of it's time) there seem to be a different kind of traveler in each one of us. The add had classified four types of travelers. Let's find out what each one of these entails and see which one you can best identify with.

The Lounger:

This kind  of traveler loves to lean back and stretches himself or herself like a cat. The lounger likes to make their surroundings as comfortable and spacious as possible. And when they find the right spot no one can take them out their comfort zone. They are known to be great readers. They also enjoy the surrounding scenery while day dreaming a bit. The lounger are usually friendly and enjoy some small talk. But at the end they love the quiet and peaceful time to relax and enjoy the ride.

The Pacer:

This kind of traveler hates to sit still for any length of time. They are the first ones that take off their seat belts when the signal light is turned off. And almost immediately you see them get up, move around, and walk in the cabin. This traveler are seen to ask more for the flight attendant assistant than any other passenger. They are seen to constantly look at their watch or ask other for the time. The pacer enjoy meeting other passengers, listening to music, or watching a film although it's only for a brief moment. They are also known for helping others fellow passengers in whatever way they can.

The Mixer:

This traveler is the most social of them all. He or she is seen to immediately established fast friendships with their fellow travelers. They smile and greet everyone they meet. This jovial traveler would love to meet all in the cabin if they could. But most of the time they find that not many passengers are willing to hold long conversations. The mixer are known to astutely find their own kind, that is another mixer like themselves, which they talk with for most of the trip. At then end of the trip the two mixers are seen exchanging phone numbers, and well wishes with one another like old buddies.

The Snoozer:

The title says it all. This kind of traveler is ready to hit the sack as soon as he or she is able to. Yes, you may able to spot a snoozer from afar by his comfortable looking attire, his traveling pillow, and his or her messy hair. The only time that you find this passenger awake is when they are eating or having to go the the Johns. This traveler is rarely seen conversing with others unless he has to. At times the snoozer might wake up and open his eyes and look around if there was a load noise that happened to disturbed his peaceful sleep. The snoozer might end up looking a little annoyed. At the end he finds a way around the situation by turning on his headphones and with a smile on his face he goes back to sleep. 

Happy Traveling!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Retro News: Vanity Fair, Marilyn's Secret Diary!

Vanity Fair November 2010 issue is featuring a worldwide exclusive article about Marilyn Monroe's secret diaries! Recently an extraordinary archive of Marilyn's poems, letters, notes, and even recipes has surfaced, and are now being published.

I am finding Marilyn's personal thoughts quite intriguing. As I am writing this post I keep going back to read more of her secret dairies. I am sure that soon there will be a movie about this.

You may read about Marilyn's Secret Diaries on Vanity Fair online website: Or you may pick up your own magazine which by the way is now on your newstands!

I am sure that you too will be absorbed with Marilyn's Diaries as I am!