Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ken Nordine the Voice of Word Jazz

When I first heard a series of Word Jazz I was totally blown away! I wanted to know right away who was the man behind this resonant and alluring deep voice. And that was when I learned about Ken Nordine.

You might not recognize or heard of his name. But you might be familiar with his voice which has been heard in commercials and in movie trailers. Ken Nordine  is especially known for his Word Jazz performance which became very popular during the poetry and jazz movement of the 60's.

The best way to describe Word jazz is that it's a combination of a narrative along with jazz music as it's background, which makes it both unique and totally fascinating!

Back in those days young people use to lounge in restaurants and listen to new music arts. And although this art has been around for quite sometime it is still new for many of us young people that love and enjoy jazz.

Last year in November 2010 Ken Nordine released his latest album Word Jazz: The Complete 1950s Recordings.

So why not kick back,


and enjoy a little Word Jazz along with your PiñaColada and Ken Nordine.

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